14 July, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks

Everything started when I transferred school. I got the first savor of Goldilocks product when I was in Muntinlupa at my aunt’s house. It was year 2002. I’m an incoming 4th year student. My aunt bought a cake for my cousin’s birthday. Every special occasion in my aunt’s house Goldilocks cake is always present. That was the start of my Goldilocks cake cravings. It never fails to gratify my taste buds. From then on, it has been part of my life because of my sweet tooth. My cake, during my 18th birthday was from them.

The most memorable moment I have with Goldilocks was the lunch I shared with my boyfriend’s family. I’ve come to appreciate vegetable with their fresh lumpia. Binagoongang Baboy turned out to be my favorite now. I have experience a diverse taste of Dinuguan. Far different from the way Dinuguan was cook back in my province. It was with Goldilocks that I discovered the perfect pair for Dinuguan, which is puto.

Polvoron is my afternoon present to my boyfriend whenever I visit him in his computer shop back when I was still studying. After college, I become full time in his business so we got to eat snacks everyday together. Butter Slice, Marble Slice, Fluffy Mamon and Mocha Mamon were included in our snacks because when her mom goes out she always food from Goldilocks. I celebrated my birthday last June and my boyfriend bought a cake from Goldilocks as one of his gift to me.

You’re the one Goldilocks because you never fail to satisfy my sweet tooth and you are with me every special occasion I celebrate. You are truly a one-stop shop for everyone's appetite desires.