17 July, 2009

I Survive in Arctic Without Clothing

Early morning I found this quiz in my mailbox. It's enticing hence, I tried it. It suits to our weather today, cold and windy. I feel like knowing how long can I survive in a cold region, the Arctic with no clothes. I was excited to give my answer even without the perception of what would be the question. I hurriedly head over to their site. I was amused with the questions given. It includes your body built and survival tactics for them to give an accurate result.

Merchandise Liquidators

This quiz was provided by Merchandize Liquidators a Wholesale Clothing Company

The quiz just took a few minutes but I took my time well because I want to give my best answer.hehe. Well, The result is, I can survive 3 hours in Arctic without clothes. As in without clothing or anything. I don't know what will happen to me after 3 hours. Perhaps, I might die because of frostbite. At least I can survive for 3 hours.hehe. Do you want to know how long you can tolerate the cold weather in Arctic without clothes? Hurry up try this quiz now. It won’t cost you a penny just a few minutes of your precious time yet you’ll be entertained.



Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hmmnn, this is interesting... try ko nga rin kong ilang oras ako makakatagal sa lamig... mg-popost ka ba ng pink friday today Abie? si pink mama prang ala rin syang post today,oh baka late, busy ata

nurseabie said...

My Pink Friday is up. Nagkasali lang tau.hehe.Try mo, tingnan natin kung ilang oras ka tatagal.hehe