30 July, 2009

Invest in Bullion of Gold

The couple who is working abroad, specifically in Dubai won gold bullion. The winning came at the right time that they needed the money. They won that gold through a raffle draw. The husband bought a laptop for his children in the Philippines and he was given a raffle ticket for that purchase. He didn’t buy the laptop cash instead he uses his credit card. He was very blissful upon knowing that he won gold bullion. I was shock while watching it on the news. It’s because a bulk of gold is worth more or less 13 million in Philippine currency. It’s already enough to start a business, savings in the bank and buy house and lot for their family. They can leave together under one roof. There’s no need to work abroad to earn for their family.

If I have enough money. I would buy gold because it’s a good investment. It’s worth the money. The price of it increases over the years. It doesn’t automatically decline unlike other commodities. Some investors buy gold bullion because they see it as refuge against any form of crises. If you want to invest in gold, you can do this through bullion or coin possession.



T.H said...

love to buy gold when got alot money for now everything just enough spend or not enough :( fear of fuel increase in sept.. as announced already