18 July, 2009

Online Games

I had the chance to go to casino. I was with my aunt and two of her friends. The personnel would not let me in because I don’t look like my age but after a few minutes of conversations, they allowed me to go inside. There are bunch of people busy playing their game. After awhile I went outside, as I don’t want to be just an observer yet I can’t play. I decided it is better for me to chill outside and enjoy the food at a nearby diner. I forgot how long I waited for them however, I didn’t forget that they lost. hehe. That day was not their lucky day. Better luck next time. Maybe, they could try their luck on online casino. The top usa online casinos can help and guide them. Aside from the fact that it is free.

I thought from my circle of friends. I’m just the only one who was able to go to casino. I was surprised to know that there is one. However, unlike me who have just been a watcher, my friend was able to play together with her sister. She shared her experience with us. They just go there occasionally, as she’s also busy with our studies and of course she doesn’t have her own money to spend.