19 July, 2009

Best Gift for You and Your Home

I admired those houses whose things are organized. Everything is put into it’s proper place. We all know that there’s a place for everything.Clutter and unorganized stuff can easily make me cranky. I always have no choice but to clean and organize those equipments.

In my room, I don’t have yet a laundry bag. I just put my used clothes inside the plastic bag. Cheap eh?hehe. It is much better, thus when laziness to wash my clothes struck me. I can easily send it to laundry shop. Nevertheless, I still need to have a laundry bag. Last week, I went out and canvass a laundry bag but none suits to my liking. Then I search for it online and I found the one, Pink Pony Mint Laundry Bag. Beautiful isn't it? It's my favorite color.Another purchase I want to make is a towel wrap. This time it's not for my room. It's for
myself. I want this towel wrap because it's different. First time to see this kind. A superfluous towel wrap. I know it will be a good gift to myself. A hot pink with black zebra border mint bath towel wrap fit nicely to me.
My last purchase. This one came just in time. I really need to have a nap mat here in computer shop so that I can relax and take a nap if our day is not toxic. I need this alone because I'm just the only one who always wants to sleep. There are times that I felt I'm sleep deprive though I sleep more than 8 hours. Anyway, so much for that. I find hot pink zebra mint nap mats/rolls comfortable. It's very convenient when you want to put it away for later use because it does not eat up much space.