26 November, 2008

A simple thank you is already a huge difference!

How do you feel when you did a favor to someone and that all you need is just a plain and simple thank you. You were not asking for anything in return.You were just expecting to be given a simple thank you but this word didn't come out.

I really felt bad today because I was expecting a little thank you but it didn't came out. I don't know why but it is really unreasonable to missed constructing it on cellphone. I don't buy this alibi. Past misunderstanding is not a good reason.

Thank you is important to me. I always practice saying it.No matter how small the favor is.I believe that gratitude can make a great impact to the person. You don't know what the person is going through at that moment.You might accidentally boosts his/her mood by saying the magic word "THANK YOU"

From Interview with God:

God replied with a smile "To learn that they cannot make anyone love them. What they can do is to let themselves be loved.

Truly, I cannot make everyone love me. I cannot force them to do so.I just need to be myself, to be a lovable person without compromising my beliefs.

If still they don't or can't love me with all the goodness I am showing to them.I shouldn't be bothered because I am just being me.

25 November, 2008

I'm so happy and thankful that I got this award!Yippee!Thank you so much cuteboo

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I will share this Lemonade award to my chosen nominees:

1. Living a Sugar-Free Sweet Life

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5. Entrepgirl

23 November, 2008

I really love taking pictures. Capturing every moments together with my love ones and friends.Every occasions that I want to remember must be captured with my digital camera.It's very rewarding when you looked back and reminisce the good old times you had with the people you love.It is because you were able to catch those different poses and emotions.

Ever since it is my dream to own a camera.Now the "in" thing is a digital camera.So I really want to have one. I wasn't able to save money for it when I was in college because there are things more important than my desire to own a camera.I just use my camera phone in taking pictures since I don't have one yet.Hopefully, soon, I am so excited to have one.

I Want this Sony Digital Camera!


  • 7.2 Mega Pixels with Super HAD CCD
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens with 4x Optical Zoom
  • Large 2.5" LCD Screen
  • BIONZ Image Processing Engine
  • Double “Anti-blur” Solution: Super SteadyShot and ISO 3200 High Sensitivity
  • Face Detection Technology for Children and Adults
  • Smile Shutter
  • Beginner-friendly Function Guide
  • HD Slide Show with Select Music Playback
image and features courtesy of: http://www.sony.com.ph

What!Aiza Marquez married a lesbian in Los Angeles California! I was shocked when I heard about it and what is so shocking is that she married the lesbian who is the ex hubby/wife of Desiree Del Valle.Elaine Crisostomo is the name.Hehehe. I don't know how to address this person.He or she, hubby or wife, whatever! Is Aiza telling the truth when she denied it in The Buzz? I really hope so..She is said. She is still not desperate to do such thing.

She is pretty and talented. I saw her once in Festival Mall. I can say that she is indeed pretty and charming. I just feel bad about what happened to her career. She is making a comeback. I wish this time she would have a better career. Also I hope that she can find the right man.

22 November, 2008

" Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has."

"Envy is counting the other fellows blessings instead of your own"

Source: http://thinkexist.com/quotations/envy/

21 November, 2008

Last night was a disaster! Again, being a stubborn as I am. I made some changes again in template but unsuccessful in doing it. Everything was lost and I'm clueless how to undo it. Just this morning I work on putting back my widgets..

19 November, 2008

I just can't understand some of the family man I know.They kept on complaining that their salary is small, not enough for their family and that cannot make the ends meet.But hey! Why do I see them drinking liquor!How can they say that their earning is not enough when still, they can spend for happy hour. Instead of spending it for a beverages that can cause liver disease why can't they save it for the family's future needs. If they are really a responsible family man they should care for their family.Think first the family's needs. Usually, this results from major misunderstanding of couples. Drinking session should only be done once in awhile not every night that you can't sleep. Don't make liquor as sleeping pills.Happy hour should only be done when you have given what is due to your family. When you have save extra money.But then like I said do it in moderation, once in awhile or once in a blue moon.

16 November, 2008

What happened to friendster?They were on maintenance for 2 or 3 days. I thought there's something new. I was shocked when I signed in because I only have 69 friends left. From more than 500 it goes down to 69. Goodness! I'm hoping they will do something about it.

I was doing something in my template. I have added an html code but sad to say its not working.For ages I was trying to figure out why, so I tried reverting my template into classic hoping that I could see the changes.But then to my dismay still it didn't. The worst thing is everything was altered.Links, badge and shout mix was removed.I have downloaded my previous template for security reason.Feeling secured, I input my previous template, only to find out its not working.I tried using the original template and I was surprised everything was back to normal.I didn't know how it happened but I felt so lucky. I was saved from the work!hehehe

13 November, 2008

miming is camera shy

This is miming our kitty cat cat. hehehe
She is adorable in this picture.

I didn't expected to be tagged. I was surprised to see the message of Vannie that she has something for me and this is it! It's my first time. Thank you very much vannie. I appreciate this so much. It is really nice to find a friend here in blogger world.

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"And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship’s flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship’s flower will bloom for you. "

I'm gonna pass it on to:

mommy ruby

12 November, 2008

The bf treat me out again!We watched Quantum of Solace yesterday at S.M Cinema in Muntinlupa City. We enjoyed watching but it leaves us some few question.There are scenes that happened quickly and we didn't know how and why it happened. We wanted a flash back of what had happened but there is none.We didn't know that it was a sequel of Casino Royale! lol! And so we need to watch Casino Royale. Another worth watching movie..

11 November, 2008

I don't like pet animals. I have not learned to love them even if I was surrounded by them in my aunt house in Muntinlupa. I get irritated with their actions.I don't like their tongue caressing me. I simply don't like them. I was told before that my life's span would be short because I don't appreciate and love them. Maybe the root cause of this is the fear I had when I was a child.I'm afraid to be bitten by dog and I have not outgrow that fear.As a defense mechanism I stayed away from them and begin to loathe them.

Things change one day. I met my honey and we're opposite. He loves pet animals very much. He has a dog, a talking bird and numerous cats. He really enjoys having pet animals. He is fond of adopting abandoned cats and kitten. He don't want them to go hungry so oftentimes he double feeds them. He really cares a lot for his pet.

I had no choice but learned to love them and learned to appreciate them. One things is I didn't regret opening my heart for them. There is a rewarding feeling when they come near me.They ran to the gate when they us coming. Bark to the stranger to safeguard us. Make me smile by their funny yet intelligent actions.

Truly, I learned they are not bad animals at all. I should just treat them fairly.They are also similar to us human beings that get hurt also.They make appropriate actions when you did something to them.Why I said so? because one time I was in our doorstep and the dog was also there waiting for me to open the door.Thinking silly, I slightly opened the door. Thinking that it was not enough for her to pass but I was wrong.She quickly went inside and leave me hurt because I was hit by the door. See! I was hurt by my own silly action. They also take revenge when they are intentionally abused. I know they are just practicing their animal rights.Right's to be treated fairly.

07 November, 2008

We've been waiting for this movie in cinema, finally the long wait is over.Yipee!Yesterday night around 7:00 p.m there's no more customers in our computer shop.We have decided to watch this movie since the timing is right.It's time to have a date and to give ourselves a break.Once in a while we do this if its still early and there's no more customers.We watched it the Festival Mall Cinema .Oh my G! the fee has increased.We paid the two tickets for 300.00 pesos and they gave us a small souvenir, the 2009 calendar.

The movie was so fantastic. Every character stands out in making us laugh most of the time.
The creation of the movie was so good. It is worth watching!

05 November, 2008

a little of entrep and more: Rich Dad Quotes

Everything is going up here in the Philippines. We are greatly affected by the economic crisis all over the world.

This Text Capital is experiencing an increase in text charge. Smart and Globe Telecommunication have decreased the percentage they are giving to the load retailer. We are one of the load retailer so we have no choice but to add an additional charge to any load denomination. Like our alltext20, before the customer just paying 20.00 pesos but today we added 1 peso. We are still gracious because other load retailer are charging 23.00 for the alltext20.

Can we still enjoy texting if this have been added to our burden?

Sending text messages have been part of every Filipino's lives. It became a stress reliever for some.A basic mode of communication to every one yet I know there are people who uses text messaging unwisely.

The first contest I have joined in this blogger world!

As a celebration of achieving 100 posts in her blog site. She organized a contest. Everyone can join provided that he/she will follow the rules entrepgirl has set.

Here are the rules:

To join:

  1. Add her link to your blogroll permanently.
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  3. Link your contest entry by leaving a comment here http://entrepgirl.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-100th-post.html
The Prizes are :
  • 1st Prize - 1,500 EC credits
  • 2nd Prize - 1,200 EC credits
  • 3rd Prize - 1,000 EC credits
That's all! What are you waiting for hurry! join now!
The contest will end on November 30,2008


- favorite post among 100th post.

visit her site: http://entrepgirl.blogspot.com

I saw from the t.v news yesterday night what had happened to the vessel MV Don Dexter Cathlyn. An inter-island mode of transportation in Dimasalang. It is where we ride to get to Bulan, Sorsorgon. Its route is from Dimasalang, Masbate to Bulan a town of Sorsogon. It was reported that the whirlwind hit the vessels that caused it to capsized. Reportedly there are 39 ill-fated people and 76 who were rescued alive.My friend informed me that most of the passengers are from Palanas and Cataingan a municipality nearby Dimasalang.

Please pray for the soul of the departed victim and their grieving loved ones.
I'm really praying and hoping that other missing persons shall be found as soon as possible.Hopefully they are still alive.

Please pray that all the survivor shall be healed from the traumatic event that had happened.

God bless you all!

For complete information visit: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/131401/More-passengers-feared-dead-in-Masbate-sea-tragedy


Finally I was able to update my friendster account.I changed the layout into pink!Cleaned my inbox and emptied the trash. So my account is fresh now!Fresh looking!

04 November, 2008

Yesterday, I was left alone here in computer shop. A customer came to avail our photo print service. I was having a hard time making all the pictures dimensions in uniform, which is a wallet size form. Since I'm alone it makes my work take long because there other customers coming.Customers who buy in our variety store and those who will rent in our shop.So its really taking me long.Finally, I was able to finished everything.All the 16 pieces of pictures. So I planned to look for something that would make printing of pictures the easy way.

I surf the net on what is the dimension of wallet size picture that most people are using.I find out in one site that they are using 2.5 X 3.5. I immediately opened the adobe photoshop CS2 and tried out the information I got few months ago also thru surfing the net. I just didn't use it from the moment that I had discovered because I didn't want to pay and waste some photo paper. Just yesterday that I gave it a try and it's really worth trying. I was able to come up with a better solution. Yipee!

Here is what I did: First I open the picture that I want.
I enhance its appearance because it is slightly dim.
I click on the file menu and look for the word AUTOMATE
Then click the photo package option then choose the dimension I want,
which is 2.5 x 3.5.
Then click okay and it is done!
I decrease the number of pictures I want to print so I click edit layout
and delete some of it.In my case it was 8 pieces of 2.5x3.5 and I just want
to print four (4) of it so I delete the other four (4). That's all! Easy huh!

I went out to buy something for myself and also to buy gift for my boyfriend.He's going to celebrate his birthday on November 5.Happy birthday honey! Anyway, I went to S.M Muntinlupa because its the nearest shopping mall in our area.After that I went to Puregold Price Club to withdraw money because inside their supermarket they have Metrobank A.T.M machine. I don't want to withdraw in other banks because it has a ten peso charge. Then after withdrawing I took a walk inside to look for some good but cheap stuff.

As I was walking I can't help but remember the person who used to accompany me. My friend/aunt whom I didn't see for almost a year now.She is my father's cousin. She's now in our province Masbate. I terribly missed her.I miss the time that we are together sharing stories. Our life and love story, as well as our goals. Its our technology (cellphone) that ease my loneliness.

We constantly texts each other. Whenever I have problems, I can still count on her. She's still there for me to give advices. She's the person who is by my side during those bad and good times of life. We shared lot's of good and bad memories that happened in our life.

Now she has her own family.Recently, She gives birth to her first child. That's why she went home to our Province.Hopefully she could still comeback here in Laguna.

When I was still in Cebu I had the opportunity to visit Bohol. It was my first time to explore the beauty of Bohol. The scenery is really breath taking! You will really love the place.The simplicity and beauty that lies within its rich nature. From Cebu we ride in water jet.After a few hours arrived in Bohol and then we ride in a jam packed bus to get to my cousin's place in Tagbilaran. We have no choice but to ride there because it's already late. If we didn't we'll have a hard time looking for other bus to come.Anyway, we were able to come there because my cousin was studying there so he invited us (me and my sister).My sister agreed since she has a new boyfriend who is also studying there and this guy is a friend of my cousin. She didn't want me to be left alone in our boarding house so she dragged me to her escapade!Thanks to her!hehe

I really love having a pink colored thing! Whenever I buy some stuffs I immediately look for something that is color pink.Any shades of pink will do! I am really mesmerize by pink stuffs! I know that majority of females really appreciate this color.It's the national of color of kikay girls. Here are the recent pink thing I owned.