04 November, 2008

When I was still in Cebu I had the opportunity to visit Bohol. It was my first time to explore the beauty of Bohol. The scenery is really breath taking! You will really love the place.The simplicity and beauty that lies within its rich nature. From Cebu we ride in water jet.After a few hours arrived in Bohol and then we ride in a jam packed bus to get to my cousin's place in Tagbilaran. We have no choice but to ride there because it's already late. If we didn't we'll have a hard time looking for other bus to come.Anyway, we were able to come there because my cousin was studying there so he invited us (me and my sister).My sister agreed since she has a new boyfriend who is also studying there and this guy is a friend of my cousin. She didn't want me to be left alone in our boarding house so she dragged me to her escapade!Thanks to her!hehe