28 September, 2008

OMG! I have been so busy playing ANIMAL CROSSING: WILD WORLD. I love it!Playing while working!ehehehe..But I did my job well.Typing, researching and printing etc;!Then my DS Lite battery got empty so I have no choice but to wait 3 hours of charging! I'm happy playing with it!It's fun and relaxing.
The sad part of my busy Sunday is we weren't able to go to church. We're bad! We weren't able to woke up early..Sorry Lord! Promise next Sunday we will make it!

27 September, 2008

I was a bit shocked when a child asked me this question. "Bakit nagmamahal na ang mga tinda niyo ate?"(Why is that your merchandise is getting expensive?)The child was barely 6 years old.My innocent answered was because the supermarket where we bought our merchandised is also getting expensive.At her age she was concerned with the price of the food she was told to bought.Anyway, she bought MILO and it now cost 6.00 pesos each. Few months ago it only costs 5.00 pesos each.

Pinkish glow! I'm really into pink shade! The color is really relaxing and soothing..
Anyway, everything is from www.scrapbookflair.com...Thank you very much..

26 September, 2008

Welcome to my simple abode. My personal site that would be my online diary. I will blog here every little thing that caught my interest. Topic here would be general. Anything goes here except for offensive thoughts. Join me as I discover the world of blogging.