31 October, 2008

Our newly purchase cobweb master! For quite sometime we don't have this in our work place that is why its hard to clean up the ceiling and wall. There are numerous cobwebs sprouting like seed and when you ignore after 3 or 4 days you'll notice they have increase.So to tidy it I just use the simple broom or broom stick and attached it to a long wood. Just this morning a woman sold this to us for 80.00 pesos, since I have been looking for this I told to my boyfriend to buy it.Now this can aid me to clean the ceiling and wall easily.

30 October, 2008

" Do not be anxious about anything...............and the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

28 October, 2008

These are the awards Mommy Ruby of http://www.pinaymommyonline.com received.She shared it to us her blog followers to make the awards more meaningful and special. Thank you so much mommy ruby!

26 October, 2008

The Buzz time because it's Sunday. I was surprised to see Ms. Kris Aquino because I read from an article that she will not be back in The Buzz. Her reason for not going back is a family decision.They wanted to make Sunday as family day. There has been an speculation that she will replace Cristy Fermin due to Cristy suspension. Anyway, she is in The Buzz because it's Boy Abunda's birthday celebration. Her husband allowed her to be there.

Am I a certified kapamilya? I am usually awaken by the radio news which is owned by GMA7 Network. It is hosted by Mike Enriquez and other guy.His name slips in my memory.hehehe.So sorry!.Maybe because Mike Enriquez is popular with his voice tone that I can remember him easily or rather it is easy to recognize him.Then, I would watch the Umagang Kay Ganda and my favorite segment there is Umagang Kay Showbiz which is hosted by Ogie Diaz.It just so sad that Ogie Diaz was terminated because he allegedly violated the Code of Ethics of News and Current Affairs.What is the specific code of ethics he violated?Hhmmm,from what I read it was accepting some tokens when he is attending presscon that has nothing to do with Umagang Kay Ganda.Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.So much of that. Lunch time here in work I and my boss/bf would watch Eat Bulaga,the longest running noon time show.His favorite portion there is Sa Pula Sa Puti.After that he would switched to Wowowee.The kapamilya channel.Just recently before the Ligaw na Bulaklak ended, we were able to watch it.We had the chance to watch its first week episodes but I had lose the interest in following it everyday. My afternoon had become busy with other things.So after that television is turned off. When the night comes our channel is still in kapamilya.I would watch from Bandila up to Three Dad's and One Mommy.
In their following order:
1. Bandila
2. Dyosa
3. Betty La Fea
4. Iisa Pa Lamang
5. Kahit Isang Saglit
6. Three Dad's and One Mommy

So the answer is I am a Certified Kapamilya.Most of the T.V Shows I watch are from Kapamilya Network. ABS-CBN.

I really can't afford to miss this abs-cbn korean drama t.v series.It really make me laugh.I was able watch it from the very start! They never failed to make the televiewers laugh and enjoy.It's worth watching even though it is already late in the evening.

credits: picture from http://www. abs-cbn.com

I'm currently addicted to Animal Crossing Wild Word.A superb game. A must have game in your NDS. I have been playing this for a month now. So everyone who has DS try it now!

25 October, 2008

This is a gift from my honey.I was still in shock that time while we were on our way to mall.I just couldn't believe that he would really buy the unit very soon because 9000+ is still expensive especially nowadays. Anyway, My NDS LITE was bought in September 11, 2008 at Festival Mall in Alabang Muntinlupa City. It was a last minute shopping.We arrived at around 8:30 p.m. and immediately looked around the store who has DS Lite.The lucky store was CIRCUIT CITY because their packaged is cheaper than in Game Console. I'm eyeing the pink color unit but they dont have stock.The only pink unit left was on the display section but I don't want it because the LCD screen has scratches.So I chose the polar white. I was wearing a big smile while heading home.hehehe. A wish was granted!

24 October, 2008

Okay, with regard to my laundry post few days ago.I just decided to wash my laundry.Installment basis.hehe.First I washed the white color shirt, then the shorts and lastly the colored shirt.Yahoo! I'm done. I grabbed the opportunity, the so so hot weather we have!

Yesterday night before going home from work, for the third time this month of October we ate Ice cream from Selecta. It so delicious! so so yummy! Just like "Jollibee" sarap ulitin! hehehe. But then we still have to balance because our blood sugar might go up.hehehe.We don't want that to happen.We still want to enjoy ice cream.So we should eat sweet food in moderation!
October 17 - the day before our monthsary we had Toffe Caramel Crunch.
October 18 - our monthsary we had Cookies and Cream
October 23 - yesterday we had Choco Hazelnut Brownie

I drink Nesvita Cereal Milk everyday because it helps me digest properly.It helps remove some toxins. This also help me to loose bowel every day. So when I heard about the melamine issue I got frightened because Nestle products are included to the list that has alleged melamine.After hearing that I stop drinking until I heard and read to news that Nestle Products are cleared and that's include Nesvita Cereal Milk Drink. I really felt sorry for the babies in China who was able to drink that milk with melamine.Just this morning, I heard from the radio news that the number of babies in China who has kidney stones increase.The culprit is still the milk with melamine. I'm really hoping for babies fastest recovery. God bless you all!

It is really hard to get sick especially when no one is beside you.You don't have your family, relatives or friends with you.In short you're all alone. This is what my sister is going through.She has fever,cough and headache.She's all alone in her room because her roommates went home already.No one will look and take good care of her but herself.So every now and then I'm checking on her thru text. She is studying in Cebu and living in a boarding house.It is already their sem break but she didn't go home because she still has a duty.I'm really hoping that she will be okay now. I'm really worried about her especially that we're far from each other.I just don't want to them get sick.I know no one does want. God bless to you my younger sister! Get well soon!

credit: image is from http://www.fotosearch.com

23 October, 2008

I missed Cebu very much!I have a lot good memories there together with my high school friends and my roommates. I really miss them! I wish one day I could visit this beautiful place again.During summer, when I was a kid we used to go there. Then, my mother decided to let me continue my studies in Cebu.I was an incoming third year high school student when I opted to transfer.I chose Cebu Institute of Technology over University of Cebu because the latter uniform is pretty much beautiful.ehehe. The experience is so good and memorable. First we stayed in a boarding house which is just a walking distance to my school.Then, we moved out because our place is kinda lonely.We returned to my sister former boarding house, which is very accessible.Everything is accessible. You can just walk from our boarding house to Sto. Rosario Church, University of Cebu, Gaisano Mall, etc;.After going to church we used to hanged out in Ayala Mall. I'm really looking forward to be there again after quite a long time.

20 October, 2008

Signing out! Time to do my work! Enough of today's blog hopping and net surfing!
God bless Everyone!

Bestseller! "Fruit Spunts Ice Pop". It comes in different flavors and color.Banana-Green, Strawberry-Red, Grapes-Violet and Orange-Orange. People from all ages loves this! I Love it too.It has a gelatin so even when it is not frozen, still it tastes good. Our regular customers are the elementary, high school and college students.Also the guardians of the elementary kiddos!

Looks like a bag of grocery huh!.How I wish it is. So deceiving! I just use the bag from Pure Gold Price Club to be my laundry bag. Anyway it is a pile of laundry that I kept for one week!hehehe..Oh my G! I don't know what to do with this, wash it myself or send to laundry shop.If I will wash it I'm gonna spend just 30 pesos + energy and If I send it to laundry shop probably It will cost me 120.00 - (minus energy). I can't decide!hehe..
Right now I'm such a lazy lady!

Yesterday night I registered for Globe Sulitext - 100 texts messages Globe to Globe subscriber.First time it happened that I registered that night and consumed all 100 texts for the duration of only 3 hours. Usually, I consume my 100 texts for 1 whole day.I would forward different kinds of texts messages to my globe friends and inquire how they are doing, whats new with their lives, etc; Yesterday wasn't the usual thing. I sent a message to all of them,here it goes:
"Good evening!How are you people?" Most of them replied but I had a long conversation with 4 of my group mates in college, 1 from the group close to us , 2 from my hsbc friends.We had a great "chit chat" that when I checked my unlitext balance it went zero.ehehehe.I have no choice but to use my regular load just to continue our "chit chat".After a while I bid goodbye because its time for my late dinner. I terribly missed my college friends.It is almost a year we haven't seen each other.

15 October, 2008

Yesterday night around 6:00 pm we agreed to go malling.Since we're going to buy computer key board and photo paper. Prior to that I really want to go to festival but I just keep it to myself because it's unreasonable.ehehe.Then the perfect time came.Few customers left playing and our computer had a problem. The bf thought virus invaded it but after a few minutes he figured out that the main problem was the keyboard.The key board have retired.It expired!weird thing!ehehehe.
Before heading to festival mall we stopped at PARES house.The food was so yummy!We only spent 110.We were able to save one hundred bucks or two.A good idea rather than eating at fastfood chain.

The day before yesterday the bf come up with the idea of going to mall since there are few customers playing.So as a mall addict I was excited with the idea.I really love to go to mall even though I am just doing a window shopping.Mall is such a comforting place aside from church.Yeah, church.Whenever I feel alone and depress I usually drop by.It give me a sense of comfort and it relaxes me. Anyway, back to the mall thing!. I told him I would treat him to the cinema.He agreed and think of what movie we would watch.After a while he changed his mind.He doesn't want me to spend my money and so my money was saved.Yahoo!

14 October, 2008

I really didn't know how to make a graph in excel. I didn't care to learn how to make one during high school and college, even when we did our thesis. Oh! I almost forgot! I did tried but nobody helped and guided me though. We when did our thesis I wasn't assigned to make the graph. The other day I encoded a thesis and graph making is included so right then and there I have learn. Gladly, my boss/bf taught me. It's just so easy ...hehehehe

Open the Microsoft excel.
Type the figures and then select.
Click the graph icon and choose what kinds of graph you want to use.
and that's it!

13 October, 2008

I just can't believe that I have been in my bf comp. shop business for almost 1 year since my graduation. I have set aside my nursing career after the trainings and seminars I have attended.Also after applying at various hospitals and received no call from them after taking their exams.Maybe I also have a fault why my nursing career is not moving.I have not been so eager of following up my application because I'm not ready yet to face my profession.And so I ended up here in my bf business.I'm happy working here and there is also a sense of fulfillment. I was able to help him and he was able to help me too.I was able to learn things that I want know before with regard to computers,etc;

12 October, 2008

At last I was able to log in, in this blog of mine! I have been so busy for the past few weeks.There are lot's of things to do and to think of.That is why I haven't post anything..Have pity for this blog!huhuhu