24 October, 2008


It is really hard to get sick especially when no one is beside you.You don't have your family, relatives or friends with you.In short you're all alone. This is what my sister is going through.She has fever,cough and headache.She's all alone in her room because her roommates went home already.No one will look and take good care of her but herself.So every now and then I'm checking on her thru text. She is studying in Cebu and living in a boarding house.It is already their sem break but she didn't go home because she still has a duty.I'm really hoping that she will be okay now. I'm really worried about her especially that we're far from each other.I just don't want to them get sick.I know no one does want. God bless to you my younger sister! Get well soon!

credit: image is from http://www.fotosearch.com