28 August, 2009

It's been a while since my last Pink Friday entry. Anyway, here it is a small pink bag that I use to carry my food and drinks at work . I just bought it for 0.74$ so cheap yet lovely.hehe


Come join us at Pink Friday here.


My shift for this week is 6am to 2pm and two days of working 12 hours from 6am to 6pm. I like this shift even when I was still studying because I felt that after 2pm you can still do a lot of things unlike in 2pm to 10pm and 10pm to 6am shift. The only problem is my such a sleepyhead. When I wake at 4:30 am all I want to do is get back to sleep yet I'm forcing myself because I'm going to be late for sure. Sometimes I take a nap on my way to work and when I'm there I'm still sleepy especially at around 7:00 am. Trying hard to combat sleepiness. This morning sleepiness hits me again. I really wanted to take a nap at my desk yet I'm not supposed to right? Besides I don't want to be caught sleeping at work especially early in the morning. I was thinking how it would go away because I can't perform well. Energy drink pop in my mind and so I asked someone if he could buy me one. They were laughing at me because early in the morning I'm drinking energy drink. I told them I can't help it. I am really sleepy. Its better to drink than to sleep.lol! Good thing at around 10:00 am I'm not sleepy anymore. Energy drink does help. On my way home I was surprised that I'm not sleepy. I was thinking that the effect of energy drink is still there. Only to be disappointed because I was struck in a heavy traffic and I was slowly drifting to sleep.


24 August, 2009

There is some professor who really required their students to buy books. They would check the book and its receipts to insure that the students owned it. Some professor is not particular with books as long the students can comprehend the lessons without the guide from it. Before in my minor subjects I would only buy the books that are necessary and not that pricey. I'm always shy to ask for money. I don't bother not having all the books from all my subjects. I'm just being practical.

When it comes to my major subjects, best medical books are really costly. I don't have a choice but to ask for money and save some from my allowance just to cover all my health medical books expenses. In my major subjects some books are really not required by our clinical instructor because of its price yet I want to have one if not all for my reference at home. For those books I can't afford I just borrowed it from those who have. The most expensive book I owned was the Medical-Surgical Nursing. It was around $25. It’s worth the price since its one of the top medical books. I wonder how much is the cost of medical student books since my Medical-Surgical Nursing is already expensive at $25. Anyhow, I take pride of owning it. Thanks to my cousin for sponsoring that book.


22 August, 2009

When I started my 12 hours shift which is from 6 pm to 6 am at the hospital as an Assistant Pharmacist though I'm an R.N the time I spent online has been limited. My designated position is just temporary. I will still work as an R.N. soon but right now I enjoy being at the pharmacy. There's so much to learn there. I've got few visitors here everyday due to my unavailability unlike before. Anyway, I'm still thankful that some of you take time to visit my place. Thank you so much.


21 August, 2009

I wasn’t able to use my gaming device which is Nintendo DS Lite for about 2 months because of the problem that occurred in my memory card. It was plagued by a virus scrap. I found out when I was cleaning up my files. Good thing I was able to create a back up file before it totally crashed down. I thought reformatting it would solve the problem but it then it cannot be reformatted. After 2 months I received an advanced birthday gift from the boyfriend. I cannot refuse since he already bought it. Right after my memory card stopped working he has been offering to buy me new one yet I decline.
It’s because that memory card is still new. I’m still disappointed that time that’s why I don’t want to buy another one.

Anyway, he purchased a Kingston Micro SD. I was excited to finally use my DS. I immediately use my new memory card. To be sure I scanned it. Hehe. I successfully transferred half of my files yet after that I was bothered because Happy Birthday word was attached to the cursor. I thought its normal and it will just go way after a few minutes. I was distracted because it multiplied. The Happy Birthday word was all over the desktop. I asked the boyfriend what it was. He found out that it was a virus. The anti virus installed in our pc did not respond to that virus and so our pc was infected. It won’t open up. The boyfriend religiously searched for solution and glad that he found one. After an hour our pc was working well. He changed the anti-virus installed in it. He added an anti spyware for security purposes. Since we have an online transaction that concerns money. We can't afford to lose anything.


15 August, 2009

I got an award! Second award for the month of August. Thank you so much Joy for giving me this award. WoW! My blog is loyal and so I am. hehe.


I found out about Mommy Journey's blogiversary while doing my blog hopping. I decided to join. Whew! Fabulous prizes are waiting for the lucky one's. What are you waiting for? Join also. Visit Mommy Journey's site.

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What I hate about my ears is it's choosy.hehe. I can't wear earrings that you can just buy in a flea market or at a Muslims store in mall. My ears desires an earrings that come from a silver stores or I think any stores provided that their earrings are hypoallergenic.

I felt disgusted whenever I saw earrings anywhere that is beautiful and at a very affordable price. It's because of the fact that my ears will only suffer from allergy.Hay! Though I know that I will surely have an allergic reactions this has not stop me from buying. I still tried to wore what I have bought only to go through the same thing again after one day of wearing it.



I'm here in front of the computer doing what I love to do. I thought I'll have work today and tomorrow but a co-worker text me that we'll comeback on Monday. Two days of nonstop internet surfing. hehe. For one day that I was gone here in shop I missed everything in here. A certain student close to me and she missed me also. People playing in shop and buying in our variety store. Student's who buy ice pop. Special mention is the boyfriend. We've been away from each other for 8 long hours. Also I missed blogging and blog hopping.


Reminiscing the good old days during college years. Our section is composed of four groups for our clinical exposure. I can categorize my group as lucky and unlucky. Lucky because we rarely had a toxic duty. Unlucky because a non toxic or benign duty means limited clinical experience that could really measure everyone’s abilities when it comes in handling more cases/patients than usual. Most clinical instructor who was able to handle us would always mention that our group would incur loss in the hospital business. lol! On one side we are a big help to the clients not to become potential patients. It’s a verity that hospitals care for the patients yet they also care for their profit. A business indeed. One time our group was assigned in a hospital wherein staffs are always busy attending to many patients. Our group was divided into two. Six students were assigned in Emergency Room and other six destinations are in the Operating Room/Delivery Room. We are informed to brace ourselves since we have to deal with numerous patients. We were excited that we could handle more patients since we are in the process of completing the required case to be submitted in Professional Regulation Commission.

The first day of duty, our clinical instructor was startled with the few patients coming in ER. There were no operation happening or going to happen in OR/DR. Few things to do, he summoned us to the room he is using and did some lectured after awhile we had a quiz. The following day improved and we were able to get cases yet not the same with the previous student that our C.I handled. On the last day of our duty I was assigned in OR/DR together with 5 other group mates. There were no scheduled operations in our shift. To make our duty productive we studied the different instrument they had there. After that siesta time while waiting for our shift to end. This was possible because our C.I wasn’t around. He was at the other half of our group. From time to time he visits us. While we are talking one of my group mates take out something. A playing card and then they started playing with it. I did not join in because I don’t know what they are playing. I have no knowledge with the basic card games even blackjack. Hehe. I was then contented talking. They would immediately hide their playing card when they would hear footsteps coming in. Alas! They were not caught in the act.


14 August, 2009

A quick post before hitting the bed. I haven't use the computer, was not able to blog hop and drop. I'm now working in the hospital. My shift is 8 am to 5 pm. I am excited to tell you my experience today but then I'm already sleepy and there's so much stuff to do. Sorry for now. I'm hoping that you'll still visit me here as often as you can. Thank you so much guys!


13 August, 2009

We have a lot of apprehension when we are hunting for a vacation spots right? The most important is our money should be worth the place. Let say a beach resort like Myrtle Beach. Aside from its beauty and facilities we are also concerned if the staffs are accommodating. So far I have been hearing good feedback about how excellent Myrtle Beach Accommodation is. It means vacationing there won’t do any hassle especially with my utmost concern, Myrtle Beach Accommodations process.

I know things will run smoothly while enjoying their serene place. Sun bathing and vigorous swimming with my two-piece bikini. Yeah, two-piece bikini. I will have the courage to wear it there. Mainly now that everyone says I’m getting thinner or should I say getting sexier.hehe. After sun bathing and dynamic swimming it’s time to experience Myrtle Beach Hotels. Their one of a kind hotel. With the nice ambiance there I know I can fully relax.


12 August, 2009

There is one particular thing that catches my attention at most American houses every time I watch their films. Guess what it is. A simple yet elegant mailbox. Where it fit in their respective gates. I love seeing those mailboxes because it’s rare here in our country. Hehe. Only few houses has mail box. It’s not common here. Usually letters are left at the gate or right at your house doorstep.

Now, with the innovation in our technology most letters are sent electronically and reach in our personal email mailboxes or email boxes. With this innovation we still need the traditional mail boxes because some letters can’t be sent electronically because of the things it may contain. My question for all of you. What do like email mailbox or the conventional mailbox right at your gate that adds beauty. Well, for me I love both. I already have an email mailbox and this time I want a mailbox installed at our house.



I don't know what happened but today our internet connection is slow. I can't watch YouTube videos uninterruptedly. Websites opened very slow. As in it really take long. As of the moment I'm not done watching videos and websites are not yet fully opened. I'm not certain if the pc users inside the shop experiences also this slow connection because all of them our playing games. By the way, I'm using the pc outside the shop just a few steps away. We divided our rented place into two. One is the computer shop and other one is the variety store. The pc I'm using is in our variety store and this serves as our server. This is where typing job, printing, scanning are made. Anyhow, no one complains yet for this matter just me. hehe. Except that awhile ago one customer lost internet connection on the pc he is using. I just unplugged the connection and after a few seconds plugged it again. Presto! Internet connection is back. With this slow internet connection I can't fix it since I don't know how and the boyfriend is out. I'm all alone here. OMG! This is unusual. I can't blog hop.


11 August, 2009

My first blog award in this Month of August. Thank you so much Marriane. Blissful to be one of of the recipient of this three beautiful awards.



08 August, 2009

If I would be ask what was the worst subject I had, definitely I would answer Math. I swear I’m really not good at this subject. Basic Math will do for me. Other than that I would be lost. Hehehe. I even wished Geometry, Trigo and Calculus would never exist.lol! I am just so thankful that I did not fail from all my math subjects all throughout the course of my study. Mainly because I do my advance reading. Aside from that I practiced answering questions similar to previous lessons. I would request math help to my cousin and classmates. I let them check my answer. They are the people who excelled in Math. Good thing I have them. I got a free math help from them.

I enrolled in a math tutorial when I was an incoming second year high school because they said math subject will be tough at that time. It was summer. We met 3 times a week and tutorial was held at our small classroom. I really admired our teacher because he’s really a math genius. He teaches well. He sees to it that everyone can grasp the lesson and can follow what he’s saying. That tutorial happened 7 years ago. When I reached college I still have the same math dilemma. Internet is already popular so I always seek online math help since I do not have the same people I had when I was still in high school.

I was amazed how technology affects our life. Today, everything is possible with our technology. Computer and internet is a major part of that technology. Let say that computer and internet make things possible especially when it comes to online math tutoring. Internet has a vast collection of mostly anything we need. Like this online tutoring particularly for K-12, back to school and college students.

With our present economic crisis online tutoring at the comfort of our home can actually help us. For mommies out there if accompanying your kids to their math tutor brings hassle to you then an alternative solution is to enroll them in an online math tutor. This can help you save some money. If you’re a bit hesitant about it then you can try first the free online math tutoring. If you have been satisfied then you should opt to enroll them on a tutorial that’s not free because when you are paying you can maximize the entire feature they offered unlike with the free one.


07 August, 2009

I grew up in a place where I was surrounded with beautiful beaches. Beach outing is popular among students and teachers. Birthdays, and batch parties are just 2 two of the occasions mostly celebrated at the beach. Going to the beach is something that we will never get tired of. I have so many fond memories there together with my family, friends and relatives.

Throughout the years beach resorts in our place have gone through a lot of improvements just to satisfy various guests who came from different places. They wanted to attract more visitors so transformation of its old look is very much needed. Anyway, the money spent on renovation will be recovered easily because of the new look. There will be more visitors who will be enticed to visit their place.

I love the beaches in our place so much but then I do yearn for new experience at a different beach resort. I know that Myrtle Beach Resort is a best choice. I will surely enjoy there. They offer a lot of good things that could really make a superb vacation. Plus the fact that I will have a chance to stay in Myrtle Beach Hotels. This really excites me.lol! Everyone, if you are looking for a beach resort where you could relax and have fun with you family, friends and loved one then Myrtle Beach Resorts is the right one for you.


My PF entry is my new pair of pink havianas. An advanced anniversary gift to me. I am still thinking of what kind of gift I would give to him. Anyway, I still have 2 more weeks left.
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06 August, 2009

I have encountered this problem before. I have searched for a tutorial and luckily I found one. I just want to share with you what I have learned.

If you already made a custom header and uploaded it to file hosting website like photobucket. Next thing to do is copy the code under direct link.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Then go to your blogger blog.
Click Layout and hit edit html
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Find the this one in your template
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Replace it with your own direct link.
Then hit save.

When you go back to your homepage. You will see that you have successfully save you custom header but then the old title of your blog is still there. Just like this.
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To change it. Just go back to edit html and then in your template look for this code
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Change the maxwidgets to 2 and showaddelement to yes. Replace this one locked=’true’ to false
Then click save.

Go back to layout
At the top, in your page element, in the header Click Edit
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Then you will see this one.
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Hit remove button
That's it!
Hope it can help you.