12 August, 2009

Mailbox for your house

There is one particular thing that catches my attention at most American houses every time I watch their films. Guess what it is. A simple yet elegant mailbox. Where it fit in their respective gates. I love seeing those mailboxes because it’s rare here in our country. Hehe. Only few houses has mail box. It’s not common here. Usually letters are left at the gate or right at your house doorstep.

Now, with the innovation in our technology most letters are sent electronically and reach in our personal email mailboxes or email boxes. With this innovation we still need the traditional mail boxes because some letters can’t be sent electronically because of the things it may contain. My question for all of you. What do like email mailbox or the conventional mailbox right at your gate that adds beauty. Well, for me I love both. I already have an email mailbox and this time I want a mailbox installed at our house.