21 August, 2009

Anti Virus

I wasn’t able to use my gaming device which is Nintendo DS Lite for about 2 months because of the problem that occurred in my memory card. It was plagued by a virus scrap. I found out when I was cleaning up my files. Good thing I was able to create a back up file before it totally crashed down. I thought reformatting it would solve the problem but it then it cannot be reformatted. After 2 months I received an advanced birthday gift from the boyfriend. I cannot refuse since he already bought it. Right after my memory card stopped working he has been offering to buy me new one yet I decline.
It’s because that memory card is still new. I’m still disappointed that time that’s why I don’t want to buy another one.

Anyway, he purchased a Kingston Micro SD. I was excited to finally use my DS. I immediately use my new memory card. To be sure I scanned it. Hehe. I successfully transferred half of my files yet after that I was bothered because Happy Birthday word was attached to the cursor. I thought its normal and it will just go way after a few minutes. I was distracted because it multiplied. The Happy Birthday word was all over the desktop. I asked the boyfriend what it was. He found out that it was a virus. The anti virus installed in our pc did not respond to that virus and so our pc was infected. It won’t open up. The boyfriend religiously searched for solution and glad that he found one. After an hour our pc was working well. He changed the anti-virus installed in it. He added an anti spyware for security purposes. Since we have an online transaction that concerns money. We can't afford to lose anything.