04 July, 2013

We badly need a helper. Her priority is to take good care of our son. Though I'm on indefinite leave our chief nurse is already asking me when I will be able to go back to work. It is because I told them that we already have a helper few weeks ago but unfortunately she is going home on July 20. She told me her mother is sick and she is needed there. I have no choice but to let her go. Really, Nowadays  it is hard to find a helper. A helper who is kind, diligent and trustworthy.


11 June, 2013

To delete the folder that I have created in my Samsung S3 mini has been bothering me for a few months now. I did not bother to search for any tutorials or whatsoever. I have just tried deleting it my way but to no avail. Since it won't be deleted so I decided to let it be. Yesterday my 1 year and 8 months old baby accidentally created a folder. Voila! I have two folders which I don't know how will I erase it. So I asked for google's help and gladly I've found one. It works! I am really happy. In addition to that I was able to organize the application in my cellphone. It's just easy.  I just tapped the apps, clicked the menu and selected edit. I pressed the folder that was created and saw the removed button at the upper part and dragged the folder there. That's it, simple and easy.
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08 June, 2013

I am happy to finally change my template. It is still pink with a simple design. Thanks that it is free. Anyway, a lot has change here in blogger since the last time and I am familiarizing the new tools and icons here. It took me awhile to replace the template because I had a hard time looking for a beautiful one. In addition to that, I have no idea how will i do it because of the changes that happened. Good thing tutorials are available from different websites. I am not totally finished as there are still applications that I want to add. I will do it when my little boy is already asleep.Happy blogging!
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30 May, 2013

It's been a long time since my last post. I was not able to maintain this blog because of so many things that eats up my time; my family and work. I guess i wasn't able to balanced everything. Honestly, being a working mom as well as a plain housewife is really hard plus the fact that we have no helper.
I will start blogging again. I am really hoping that I will be able to post in a regular basis. To find time writing an inspiring post. I know a lot has changed here in blogging world since the last time i was here. I am willing to learn the new system. I just hope some people i know would still help me. Good luck to me. God bless everyone.

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