15 August, 2009

Clinical Duty

Reminiscing the good old days during college years. Our section is composed of four groups for our clinical exposure. I can categorize my group as lucky and unlucky. Lucky because we rarely had a toxic duty. Unlucky because a non toxic or benign duty means limited clinical experience that could really measure everyone’s abilities when it comes in handling more cases/patients than usual. Most clinical instructor who was able to handle us would always mention that our group would incur loss in the hospital business. lol! On one side we are a big help to the clients not to become potential patients. It’s a verity that hospitals care for the patients yet they also care for their profit. A business indeed. One time our group was assigned in a hospital wherein staffs are always busy attending to many patients. Our group was divided into two. Six students were assigned in Emergency Room and other six destinations are in the Operating Room/Delivery Room. We are informed to brace ourselves since we have to deal with numerous patients. We were excited that we could handle more patients since we are in the process of completing the required case to be submitted in Professional Regulation Commission.

The first day of duty, our clinical instructor was startled with the few patients coming in ER. There were no operation happening or going to happen in OR/DR. Few things to do, he summoned us to the room he is using and did some lectured after awhile we had a quiz. The following day improved and we were able to get cases yet not the same with the previous student that our C.I handled. On the last day of our duty I was assigned in OR/DR together with 5 other group mates. There were no scheduled operations in our shift. To make our duty productive we studied the different instrument they had there. After that siesta time while waiting for our shift to end. This was possible because our C.I wasn’t around. He was at the other half of our group. From time to time he visits us. While we are talking one of my group mates take out something. A playing card and then they started playing with it. I did not join in because I don’t know what they are playing. I have no knowledge with the basic card games even blackjack. Hehe. I was then contented talking. They would immediately hide their playing card when they would hear footsteps coming in. Alas! They were not caught in the act.