20 October, 2008


Yesterday night I registered for Globe Sulitext - 100 texts messages Globe to Globe subscriber.First time it happened that I registered that night and consumed all 100 texts for the duration of only 3 hours. Usually, I consume my 100 texts for 1 whole day.I would forward different kinds of texts messages to my globe friends and inquire how they are doing, whats new with their lives, etc; Yesterday wasn't the usual thing. I sent a message to all of them,here it goes:
"Good evening!How are you people?" Most of them replied but I had a long conversation with 4 of my group mates in college, 1 from the group close to us , 2 from my hsbc friends.We had a great "chit chat" that when I checked my unlitext balance it went zero.ehehehe.I have no choice but to use my regular load just to continue our "chit chat".After a while I bid goodbye because its time for my late dinner. I terribly missed my college friends.It is almost a year we haven't seen each other.