19 November, 2008


I just can't understand some of the family man I know.They kept on complaining that their salary is small, not enough for their family and that cannot make the ends meet.But hey! Why do I see them drinking liquor!How can they say that their earning is not enough when still, they can spend for happy hour. Instead of spending it for a beverages that can cause liver disease why can't they save it for the family's future needs. If they are really a responsible family man they should care for their family.Think first the family's needs. Usually, this results from major misunderstanding of couples. Drinking session should only be done once in awhile not every night that you can't sleep. Don't make liquor as sleeping pills.Happy hour should only be done when you have given what is due to your family. When you have save extra money.But then like I said do it in moderation, once in awhile or once in a blue moon.