07 November, 2008

We've been waiting for this movie in cinema, finally the long wait is over.Yipee!Yesterday night around 7:00 p.m there's no more customers in our computer shop.We have decided to watch this movie since the timing is right.It's time to have a date and to give ourselves a break.Once in a while we do this if its still early and there's no more customers.We watched it the Festival Mall Cinema .Oh my G! the fee has increased.We paid the two tickets for 300.00 pesos and they gave us a small souvenir, the 2009 calendar.

The movie was so fantastic. Every character stands out in making us laugh most of the time.
The creation of the movie was so good. It is worth watching!


Duni said...

Hi there!
I watched this movie with my hubby, and we laughed and laughed...this is really a 'feel good' movie (my favourite kind)

ps - thanks for your kind comment on my lovely purses blog :)

nurseabie said...

Your Welcome!