23 November, 2008

Aiza Marquez Married a Lesbian

What!Aiza Marquez married a lesbian in Los Angeles California! I was shocked when I heard about it and what is so shocking is that she married the lesbian who is the ex hubby/wife of Desiree Del Valle.Elaine Crisostomo is the name.Hehehe. I don't know how to address this person.He or she, hubby or wife, whatever! Is Aiza telling the truth when she denied it in The Buzz? I really hope so..She is said. She is still not desperate to do such thing.

She is pretty and talented. I saw her once in Festival Mall. I can say that she is indeed pretty and charming. I just feel bad about what happened to her career. She is making a comeback. I wish this time she would have a better career. Also I hope that she can find the right man.