12 July, 2009

Studio 23 Again

The problem with regard to studio 23 signal wasn't resolved yet. The signal is still the worst you could have on your television. Though were not paying for cable here in shop as it will be an added expense but we purchased the antenna we are using. We should still get good if not best television reception for this channel studio 23.

The boyfriend badly need a good signal from them because of UAAP. He's a basketball fanatic! So he need to watch the opening ceremony of UAAP. He's lucky to find a blog site offering a live streaming of UAAP opening. He was at the computer watching the game of University of the East vs La Salle. Glad that UE won!hehe.

I was left with most of the tasked here in shop because he's busy. While doing my work and waiting for the game to be over, I decided to read my Twilight ebook though I've already watched the movie. Anyhow, I'm not yet done. There's more to go. I know most fanatic was done reading the Twilight series. I'm just starting.