30 July, 2009

Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes is back at abs-cbn kapamilya station. She already signed up for a new contract. After everything, she decided to stay at kapamilya. It's good because abs-cbn has been of great help to her career. The station prioritized her over other kapamilya stars. It's good to hear, coming from her mouth that abs-cbn made her an actress in its truest sense. Now, she knows the value of work after 2 months of being unproductive. She learned her lesson.



MM said...

It's really in ABS-CBN na nabigyan siya ng break kasi nung sa GMA siya pare-pareho yung roles niya, kontrabida. Kagulat lang kasi diba akala ng lahat babalik na siya sa GMA at yun din yung parang sinabi niya although indirectly. Malaki din siguro ang offer. She's really pretty.