22 July, 2009

The Water Color Test

You're as real as they come... and quite modest too.
You are very self-assured, and you have a healthy amount of self-esteem.

You feel confident that you can take on the world.
You are have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to laughing at yourself.



MM said...

Hi Abie! Itong saken. Yung image one pinili ko. :) Parang totoo naman siya except sa highly intelligent hahaha!

You Are Highly Intelligent

You are a perceptive, observant, and reflective person.
It's easy for you to get lost in your mind. You think amazing thoughts.

You are curious about the world. You are inventive and quite visionary.

You can get really engrossed in things. You tend toward the obsessive side.

nurseabie said...

@MM, hahaha! Bakit ayaw mo ng highly intelligent? Go for it na.Tanggapin mo na lang.hehe.