22 July, 2009

Television Provider

Yesterday, a man who works at a cable company came here in our shop offering us to subscribe to them yet we declined. It’s not that we don’t like their company but we already found another television provider which is Direct TV Business. I like this one because it offers extensive array of channels and services and this is what we are looking for. As much as possible we want to maximize our television experience. We would like to achieve the best service that is worth the money we are paying.

If only I am close to the owner of Tudings. Then it would be a pleasure to recommend Commercial Direct TV for their food establishment because they don’t have it there. Their customer, including us will surely enjoy if we could watch television whilst having our yummy pork chop and fried rice. The next time that will have dinner at Tudings. I will not be shy in explaining to anyone working there how Commercial DirectTV could make the customer more satisfied with their dining experience.