18 July, 2009

Stupid Thing

I accidentally deleted all my posts under the sweet things label. I am cleaning up my label for it to be concise. I want to transfer my post with the label sweet things to personal. I don't want to do it manually because it would eat up my time. I saw the word Label Action . The idea came that it would be a big help. I opened all the post within the sweet things label and marked it. After that I applied the label action thing and click personal under the apply label. I thought it will be transferred to the personal label. I even checked it twice , if the posts within the sweet things label was already transferred to personal and its there. Knowing that I am ready to delete all the post under sweet things and so I did. Only to find out that everything under that label was lost. It was not transferred and it will never be transferred. My posts under sweet things label just got an additional label which is personal. It was not added permanently to the personal label. When you delete it to it's original label then it will also vanish. You really need to do it manually. Edit the post and replace the label. And that is the stupidity I did today.huhuhu. It's a little vague and redundant. I hope you get my point. The moral lesson I got is do not be lazy.



momgen said...

Hi once in a while I accidentally did it...thanks for the visit.

Joops said...

oh no, how many posts did you lost?

nurseabie said...

@momgen,welcome. Thanks also for coming here.
@joops,Oh my! I lost 18 posts.I feel bad.

familyblog said...

I feel for you... Since I started blogging (5 months ago)I am experiencing problems with my Adsense. I have given up.

Thanx for your visit.