07 July, 2009

The Real Score

John Lloyd Cruz, JL for short really courted Ruffa G. Perhaps this has been one of the contributing factors of JL and Liz break up. The rumor is indeed true. There's really something special going on between them.

The truth on Ruffa G and JL relationship status already came from the mouth of R.G's mother on her show Ruffa and Ai. Ruffa was in a state of shock on her mother's revelations. I'd wager though the studio was air conditioned, she sweat profusely. hehe.

The mother was delighted on JL's bravery in courting her daughter. Now, she willingly accepts JL as Ruffa's suitor and eventually become her bf. She's happy for the both of them. She just want JL to love Ruffa with all his heart.



Tetcha said...

With Annabelle's approval, I guess Ruffa is happier now. I hope their relationship lasts.

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Oh really? Wow. Where have I been these past few days? Haha. :) That's very COURAGEOUS of John Lloyd. Haha.

MM said...

Hi, blog hopping. I'm a fan of JL but I honestly don't like Ruffa for him. Liz Uy was a better choice I guess but who am I to "stop" him kung gusto niyang maging instant tatay. I'm on a Biogesic ban at the moment. Hahaha!

Anabelle Rama will eat JL alive.

nurseabie said...

@ Tetcha, At last after Ylmaz her mother approve her blossoming love life.hehe

@ Noelle, perhaps your busy.hehe. He must have been struck by cupid arrows so deep.

@ MM, I don't like also Ruffa for John Lloyd. It could have been Sarah Geronimo instead.Anyway, It's his choice.Ingat na lang na wag masaktan.hehe