04 July, 2009

Globe Load

Globe Telecommunication says that selling of loads for retailers has been made easy. As in Easy.From my point view they just made things complicated and inconvenient. They have this text offer Sulitxt and Everybodytxt that freed the customer to register because they can buy it directly to the retailers just like the Alltext and Lahattext of Smart Telecommunication. Some like this idea because there's no need for them to register.

How can they say it's easy when in order to sell loads to customers you have to execute 7 steps. It's time consuming.Arggh! That's what I complain because literally it's easy. Everyone can grasp the instructions. It's just that I find it inconvenient. By the way there's no problem in selling Globe regular loads.

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They should have included it on the menu. They should have not done this if it will just create a hassle on the part of retailers. I just hope they will do something about this.




liza said...

I totally agree w/ you! I have a store too and I'm having a hard time w/ their new load features.

nurseabie said...

Good thing we feel the same way with regard to their new load features.hehe. It's really time consuming.

Rosa said...

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