10 July, 2009

My Blog

My Blog

This is my personal blog. My online journal. An avenue for expressing my thoughts and emotions.
I blog about things that inspire and interest me. My personal experiences. My hobbies such as digital scrapbook making, playing games with my ds lite and games I find online. Movies and Television shows I watch. Music that I love. Different kinds of online/offline news I find such as celebrity, health, politics and people's concerns. My favorite foods and resto.My interest such as books, home organizing and improvements; photo editing using adobe photoshop and it's other wonders.Stuff related to blogging, web and computer.

About the blogger

Nurse by profession, blogger by passion.
Sensitive and Emotional. Adaptable and Flexible. Moody and quick tempered at times yet considerate. Strangers turned friends first impression to me was I'm a snob but first impression doesn't last. I'm friendly by nature.
My interest in computer and it's application started when the boyfriend established his computer shop business. This has helped me a lot as I discovered great things online.
I discovered and then started blogging last September 2008. I'm enjoying it plus the fact that I've made new friends.
Feel free to leave any comments. Join me on my blogging journey.




Duni said...

Hi Abie,
I'm glad you enjoy blogging as much as I do. It's a great way to express feelings and get to know lots of people all over the world.

Happy blogging!


Ohio State Football said...

Nice introduction for new readers.

gleeglee said...
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