22 July, 2009

Finding a Car

I wonder if driving a car is fun and enjoyable. Driving entails many responsibilities like you have to drive safely so as not to cause harm on your self and other people. Patience is always needed there especially when you are stuck on a heavy traffic. In addition, you have to be patient to the person who overtake your car. Anyway, for me riding a car is pleasurable. I don’t know yet how to drive but I’m willing to learn. It’s a skill right? Besides, I want to have a driver’s license. hehe. However, I’m aware that I can also get it if I know how to drive a motor bike yet I prefer to drive a car. It’s much safer for me because it has four wheels.

Nevertheless, before everything else I should get my own car first. Anyway, what kind of car suits best for a woman like me? Maybe I should inquire at gmc for sure they can help me. By the way, I remember the red sports car on fita commercial. It was split because the man just gave half of his fita to the old woman. I love the car and it’s color. Therefore, audi tt will be good choice since it’s also sports car. Fellow bloggers who has a car especially from Toyota. I want to know if Toyota Sienna will also be an excellent option as I am eliminating the dodge 1500 in my product list because it’s too big for my petite body. I'm just preparing myself, who knows soon I might be presented with the needed budget to buy my own car. Wish me luck everyone.



TH said...


TH said...

I am so excited we found a car and we bought it!

nurseabie said...

@ TH, good for you that you already have a car.Thanks for the visit.

nurseabie said...
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