23 July, 2009

Chubby Chubby


Favorite chocolate candy of most kids and some adults, including me. hehe. 1 peso each. It taste like tootsie roll. Remember that chocolate? Well, I haven't tasted it for quite sometime now. Merely because I don't see it often and it's now expensive. One time while strolling in the mall. I saw it in a candy store and it costs 50 pesos. A slight tightwad as I am, of course I did not buy. I left the candy store empty-handed. Good thing chubby is here, a better alternative for tootsie roll.



Duni said...

I've never eaten this type of chocolate before, but that is quite expensive for one bar. Oh well, at least you saved your money for some other little goodie!

Joops said...

i never had this yet.. is this made in the Phils?

nurseabie said...

@ Duni,It's still new in the market.Yeah, good thing chubby is cheap.hehe.Thanks for the visit.

@ Joops,yeah,it's made in the philippines.Thanks for the visit.

Enchie said...

haven't tasted this yet makahanap nga :D

KrisRonian said...

wow huh .. this is one of my favorite choco candy. its chewy!Thanks Ab