30 June, 2009

Web Directories

There is always a best way for your site to be accessible to internet users especially if you are doing business. If you want that to happen then better check out web directories as it offers necessary services that can boosts your business profitability. You can procure lots of links. Web directories works by classifying the whole content of the web sites submitted to them. Pretty much a hard work. I thought web directories is synonymous with web search engine because of Google and Yahoo. As I have known these two as a giant web search engine. How does web search engine works? Well, It works by collecting and saving web pages information. Web search engine is not in an organized side unlike web directories which is organized by topic and sub topic. Web users find information in web search engine by the specific words they are searching.

In web directories, if you are looking for a topic such as Arts you will also be provided with a sub topic like movies, television and music. Web directories can also be SEO friendly web directory. Suffice to say, web directories give us satisfying web experience while a nice profit for business.

Web directories have a listing option, free and paid one. When it comes to business and since you have the money to spend better go with a paid one.It's excellent. You maximize the services they offer unlike with free listing. For my site, I have chosen to be listed for free because I don't have yet the enough budgets. Anyway, there's nothing wrong starting with free web directory. In the long run I'll be able to save money to be listed in paid web directories. As soon as possible I will try the yahoo directory and get the most out of it. Then, next time around the business.com for my business. I will be looking forward to get the most links I yearn.




Movies Delivered said...

Submitterbot submits your site to hundreds of directories but I don't think Google indexes any of them.

nurseabie said...

@ Movies Delivered, maybe you are right.