03 June, 2009

London Famous Landmarks

London is one of the famous place around the world. The capital of United Kingdom. As far as I can remember It's the first international destination I've known back when I was young because most of my cousin relatives leaves in London.They came from our simple hometown Masbate and migrated there. They always come home for a vacation. I often see photos of them from their visit to some of London's attractions. From then on my fervent desire to be at that beautiful place exist. There's an instance that one of my close friend in college whom I haven't seen for about a year believed that I was already there because of the location in my Friendster account and when I'd said thru text that I am in London visiting the queen. LoL! I was just joking then.

Here's some of their Famous Landmarks:

1. Buckingham Palace
2. Charing Cross Road
3. Chinatown
4. Connaught Square
5. Imperial War Museum
6. Tower of London
7. Trafalgar Square
8. Westminster Abbey
9. Tower Bridge
10.Victoria and Albert Museum

My First Commenter: AcaiX3



AcaiX3 said...

Just got back from Savannah Georgia which was very nice. Would love to get to London also this summer.

nurseabie said...

It seems that you've enjoyed your vacation.
Thanks for the visit!