25 June, 2009

Kaye Abad on Precious Hearts

kaye abad and jugi lorenza

I was astounded to see Kaye Abad on abs-cbn Precious Hearts Romances Presents Buds Brothers "Pepper's Roses". She played the role of peppermint or pepper, a writer for children show. The role was originally given to Roxanne Guinoo. They promoted it on ASAP. All the major casts are there. Since I knew that Roxanne will be portraying that role and before the story of Janna and Joem Bascon ended the preview of Pepper's Roses was shown. Curiosity kicks in. I opted to search for an answer of what's the real reason. Then I found out from a multiply site, which took me long, the answer to my question. Also I read it in newspaper.

Anyway, she backed out because of the kissing scenes and love scenes they're going to do. She doesn't want to do it because of her new boyfriend. After the preparation and all, she just left everyone hanging. The people started calling her unprofessional. But the show must go on. A hunt for a replacement begun. Good thing Kaye willingly accepted the role though it was not originally intended to her. I haven't heard yet of any clarification on Roxanne side. I'll wait for it.lol!

On a brighter side the role did fit Kaye Abad. She showed what she got with regard to acting. She's versatile and a very good actress. She portrayed the role very well, as well as the newbie actor Guji Lorenzan and the rest of the casts. They made a good pair on-screen. Indeed, a funny, sweet and charming story.




ann said...

i love their story. and the tandem, kilig!! ♥

Anonymous said...

andto sila uplb ngaun nagshoshoot..haha..mageextra ako..watch out!haha