15 June, 2009

Pooh in Wowowee

You are about to see a video that could really make you laugh-out-loud. Start watching now. I'll guarantee that you'll enjoy this video of Manny Pokyaw.

Video Credit: from youtube uploaded by rgvpinoy




Mhar's Display said...

I felt better laughing. My PMS went away. Hahahaha!

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Jean sQuared said...

LOL! Thanks for posting this video... nawala antok ko habang nagdadrop LOL

Enchie said...

This is so funny talaga. Thanks for refreshing my mind...ngayon ko lang uli napanood :)

Duni said...

Hi Abie!

Oh, so you're back to pink...my favouite colour!
I think the pink template suits you better than blue :)

nurseabie said...

@Mhar's, thanks that it helps you to feel better.
@Jean, thanks that you did enjoy watching it.
@Enchie,thanks, grabe talga tawa ko dito.hehe
@Duni,Finally, I'm back with the pink layout.Hehehe.Wow! We both love pink.

KrisRonian said...

i love pooh talaga . hanep magjoke

nurseabie said...

@KrisRonian, magaling talaga siya. Effective comedian.

carlota said...

oh gosh that was good! magaling talaga syang mag joke hindi OA! hehehe. thanks for sharing.