19 June, 2009

I'm Back With Pink

I'm already satisfied with my previous three column layout which is blue. It's beautiful and loads fast. Though the color is not pink. Anyhow, It's the design that caught my attention, aside from the fact that it's free.

I thought I'm going to stick with it, until Riel gave me a personalized banner, her artwork. It got me thinking to change my layout again. Lost track of how many times my blog had a make over. hehehe. So I hurriedly searched for a free pink layout but I haven't found what I was looking for. I had stop searching for awhile because I'm already tired.

Then I said I will change my layout at another time perhaps when I already know how to make one. Stayed away from the computer for a couple of hours to do my work. Afterwards I logged in. I was astonished to received another surprise from Riel. She found a layout for me. The one that suits my blog. A sweet layout for The Sweet Life. She customized the header. It was awesome. Thank you so much Riel. I also made some modification with the header image. She has a site that caters photoshop works click the Glam Concepts.

Anyway, I wa a bit hesitant in using it because Yen had this layout for her cooking blog. I asked permission that we will have the same design. Brooding over whether to use it or not, I made up mind to go for it. I saved a back up file of all my widgets. It's a tedious task yet I need do it.hehe. Downloaded the new template and uploaded it to my blog. Voila! It's working very well. Lovely, sweet blog of mine.lol!

A thorough overhaul for my blog. A new pink signature, a scrolling bloglist and scrolling banner. I had to figured out how to have that scrolling thing, so I sought for a tutorial. Good thing I found one. Long hours of work yet I was
appeased with the new look of my site.




Steve said...

Love the new/old color.

riel said...

Hi Abie! Sakto pala yung color. di ko kse alam na pink favorite color mo hehe. You're welcome!