28 June, 2009

Johnisfit Weight Loss Blog Contest

Joining for a contest again. I Decided to join this one June Weight Loss Blog Contest with a huge amount of cash prize.hehe. Just trying my luck again here. By the end of this month the blog owner/host will select 7 winners randomly. I'll still have few more days. Join me here.

Awesome Prizes

1st – $250
2nd – $75
3rd – $25
4th – Book: The Source: Unleash Your Natural Energy, Power Up Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger
5th – Book: The Complete Beck Diet for Life: The Five-Stage Program for Permanent Weight Loss
6th & 7th – Set of NURU Exercise Anywhere cards

That's a total prize pool of almost $425!

(Cash prizes payable through PayPal only – anyone is eligible to win. Prizes for 4th-7th include free shipping to continental U.S. only)

Steps to be eligible for this contest.

At the end of the month I will randomly select 7 winners from the pool of entries (which I will do on video to ensure transparency). Each person may earn up to a maximum of 4 entries. This is how you earn entries:

1) You earn one entry by telling your readers about this contest. Include a link to this post on a post on your blog for a single entry.

2) You earn three entries by writing about one of my product reviews. Choose whichever product interests you the most and whether it's just a funny story or a serious one, write up a post including a link to the review referring to the product you are writing about. For example, maybe you have had some bad luck with breaking glass bathroom scales, you could write a story about that and include a link to my glass bathroom scale review page.

I will use every means at my disposal to detect when these posts are written to give you credit for your entries, however if you want to be sure you will be credited you should add a comment here letting me know how many entries you think you have earned and including links to the posts so that I can verify.

Anyone with a blog is eligible and it doesn't even have to be a weight loss blog – I'd love to read your stories whether you normally write about weight loss or not.

I'm not going to attempt to track this formally, but I would like to give extra credit to whoever goes out of their way to Stumble, Tweet, Digg, Blog Post Comment, etc, this post. I'll try to watch for who really excels at advertising this contest through social media and will work with the winner to determine a prize, which would be something related to a guest post, or an interview, or some similar thing.

Contest runs through June 30th, 2009.Good Luck to us!