29 June, 2009

Health Insurance

Health is wealth. A saying that is indeed true. We can't acquire the wealth we want if we aren't functioning well. Our body is like a car that we need to tune up in regular basis. In our life time I know there will be a possibility that we can pay a visit to a hospital or clinic. It may not be for a major problem in our health. It can simply be a regular checkup for our self or for our family members. As prevention is better than cure. This is where health insurance barge in.

Big companies give health insurance benefits to their regular employees. For people who do not have it because you are self employed or if you're working but it's not included as company's benefits. You can still enroll and enjoy the privilege of having one. I often encountered health insurance card in our hospital duty and industrial company duty. It's really brings an enormous help to the people who has this.

There is an instance when the son of my boyfriend's best friend got hospitalized their bill skyrocketed for just three days of hospitalization. Then the father which is my boyfriend's best friend was able to make use of his health insurance, which he got as company's benefits. It came to their rescue. This leads us searching for the best health insurance information because we are planning to get one for each of us.
Go get one. It will be worth your money. Health insurance is not just a luxury in our life but merely a necessity.