12 June, 2009

PF # 6 Powder

A powder receptacle that has been with me for 4 years now. I can still remember that it was Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao who did the commercial of this one. Shake Shake Shake thing.hehe.
Share your pink stuff with us here. Have fun with us Pink Friday.




Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

I was using this pink shake thing too hehehehe.... mine is a pink steno notebook

Pink Fridays said...

I have a pink powder container too for my deodorant but kind lost it while traveling.

Anyway, Pink Fridays is up at http://www.pinkthoughts.com/2009/06/pf-21-pink-food-containers.html

I also have something PINK for school.

Happy Pink Fridays!!

Pinay Mommy said...

Hello Abie!

I have linked your blog to my friend's list already since the time you have requested. May I request for a link exchange? Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead. ^_^

nurseabie said...

@ Chuchie, easy to carry and not that bulky.
@ Pink Fridays,Sayang naman. Anyway, I'll visit the link.
@ Pinay Mommy, thank you. Sorry, I've change my layout and my blog list got deleted. I thought you're already listed there because I do visit your blog.

Pie said...

Hi Abie!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for adding me. :)