19 June, 2009

PF# 7 Hello Kitty Leather Case

Introducing my new pink NDS Lite leather case with pink protect case. I was just expecting the simple leather case, no hello kitty label and no protect case because I know that it's expensive. I wasn't able to buy the leather case I'm eyeing last Sunday because there was no available pink color. I don't want the black one. The boyfriend went out and so I asked him if he could buy one for me. I handed him a 200 peso bill which is the price of the case I want.

Click to enlarge

The cute pink hello kitty stuff in his hand astounded me. Speechless for a minute. I knew the price was two times higher and I was right. I'm shy. Usually, I don't go for expensive accessories. I told him he should have not bought it (tama ba?hehe)because of the price. But then It's already there. I just have to accept it. Anyway, He's not complaining at all because he love me.lol!



Pink Fridays said...

I am not a real fan of Hello Kitty but she really blends well with any pink stuffs.

Thanks for playing Pink Fridays!!


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

wow, hello Kitty and it is pink ha...i love it...ok na un, kahit expensive basta bigay galing sa puso... mine is up too

Duni said...

You're so lucky! Your BF just knows you too well :)I love Hello Kitty too.

Ebie said...

Ah, you are a hello ktty fan! I love pinks, too!

Pink Fridays said...

By the way, I have a contest. Hope you can join. Thanks!