28 June, 2009


Yesterday, a man came here to our shop to rent but all pc's are occupied. He went to the other shop near us but went back here. Though there is a vacant pc yet he did not pursue because it is not air conditioned.hehe. Today, Three girls waited patiently for one hour though the other computer shop has still an available pc. The same reason again, the air conditioned. I know that aside from our pc, It's with our place. Comfortable because it is air conditioned. Now that the weather is hot most probably they will look for an air conditioned place with the same pc rent.




Liza said...

At least you have an over your competitors. Iba talaga pag alaga ang business. :)

I have added your badge na. Thanks ulit. :)

Grace said...

I would most certainly wait for a vacant slot at an air conditioned establishment. The heat these days can really kill