23 June, 2009

Pink Thoughts' Pink Contest

The Pink Blog is hosting a contest. No special occasion to celebrate, she just want to be thankful to all her friends, visitor and Pink Friday's participants; that includes me.hehehe. I'm a Pink Friday participants.

The host of this Pink Thoughts' Pink Contest invited me to join. I don't have a reason not to join hence I'm doing the task of becoming an eligible participants. Everyone I'm inviting you to join! Awesome Prizes awaits us. Visit Pink Thoughts' Pink Contest for more details, click here.



Duni said...

This sounds like fun! Pink is my favourite colour :)

nurseabie said...

Wow! We both love pink. If you have a free time you can join.

Steve said...

Your recent comments in the sidebar does not seem to be working. Thanks

Pink Fridays said...

Hello Abie! The post format in my blog has a problem. To make the banner work, just edit the double quote (") and re-type them all again in your HTML/WIDGET editor.

Thanks for joining! Refer more participants for more entries. :D