23 October, 2009

Top Web Hosting

I am blogging for almost a year now and still I don’t have my own domain. I was then contemplating of buying my own domain. Just when I'm ready to buy; I was advised that my PR will be lost. I don’t want that to happen so for the time being I have set it aside. Anyway, I will still pursue my plan on buying my own domain. I am just waiting for the perfect time. I love blogging. I take pleasure in sharing my thoughts with all of you. I have gain a lot of benefits from blogging. Hence, I would love to have my own domain.

I know all of you already know what a blog is. This is just a recap. Blog is a short form of weblog. It is a type of website. This can be for personal or business purpose. You can write whatever you want provided it can't destroy other person reputation. To own a website one must know the three vital stuffs. First is the domain name which I want. Second is web design for the site to look attractive and last but not the least is web hosting. Web site is made available to the world thru web hosting service. Therefore it is necessary to choose the best web host in town. It must be included in the lists of the top web hosting sites.




American Idiot said...

I think to some degree, you are right in not purchasing your own website. You have to do a lot of ground work to get people to notice you, whereas the free blogging services allow you to have an instant network with other bloggers, so you have one less step to worry about it.