23 October, 2009

Deer Valley Ski on Christmas

I can’t believe that two months from now its Christmas time already. Many are looking forward for this day to come especially here in the Philippines. We have a long celebration of Christmas holiday. When the ber month starts it is expected that people will be busy preparing for the coming holiday. They would do their early shopping of gifts to their god children because at this time there is a wide sale happening at the mall. They would also shop for decoration and lights to beautify their home. Every family wants a unique décor hence time and effort was exerted.

Christmas songs playing on the radio as well as the cold weather are indication that Christmas is really in the air. Every country has a different way of celebrating the holiday. Traditions being practiced also differ from each and every country. The Philippines has a rich Christmas tradition that foreigners love while some of us wants to experience foreign countries white Christmas. We know very well that it would be hard to happen here. They call their Christmas white because of the snow that appears. Therefore deer valley ski rentals are popular to them. Ski is such an enjoyable sports that a family can do together. I just wished we have a snow here. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. lol!




jenie said...

yeah christmas in just around the corner...and how i wish santa will go down our...window(dont have a chimney hehe)

miss you visits friend...

nurseabie said...

Thanks for commenting. I miss you too my friend.