03 October, 2009

Losing My Belly Fat

Gone are the days that I don’t worry about belly fat. This doesn’t bother me before yet I have it now. I say that it’s not really good seeing it. The boyfriend teases me. Okay, I started to gain weight on my last year in college. Probably because my appetite improved and there is less stress. You can see it in my body. Hehe. Though I’m not really that fat yet you can really say that I gained weight together with a belly fat. I eat a lot yet it’s not all nutritious. Junk foods and sodas aren’t nutritious right? In addition, I can’t find time to exercise. It’s really an unhealthy lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle and non nutritious food are one of the culprits. By the way, food allocates higher percentage of my allowance and so I always ran out of money. Lol!

I have searches help online on how I can really do away with my belly fat. Luckily I found this article “Essential Guide to Lose Belly Fat”. I have learned a lot from it. They have thoroughly discussed the common cause of belly fat and how we can eliminate it to achieve the body we wanted. Though it’s hard, I have promised to cut off food that is not nutritious especially junk foods. Lastly, I will now modify my lifestyle to be fit and fab. Do you have that belly fat, pot belly or beer belly? Whatever it is. hehe. Do you still have that? What necessary measures you did to get rid of that ugly looking belly fat? Share it with me. Thanks.