10 October, 2009

Opera Mini v.5 for my Nokia 6300

It was for 2 days that I am preoccupied looking for ways to surf the net using my nokia 6300 phone because some of them were able to do so and it's free especially when you are a globe subscriber. Day one, immediately after finishing my entire task, I surf the net for opera mini browser. Most of them are using the opera mini and so I need to find one for my phone. I was lucky and unlucky. Lucky because finding an opera mini browser isn’t hard. Many users are leaving a link where you can download it and the opera mini site has it available for download. Unlucky because it’s not working; I have no idea how to make it work. I’ve already done the configuration but to no avail.

I am so persistent. Giving up hasn’t occurred. This has consumed much of my time and my prepaid load. I am sending an mms to my phone as well as visiting the globe site just to make sure that it is capable of doing these two features. I did not notice that it’s already time to get ready for work and I’m not done yet. I stumbled on an instruction how to make up the settings on my phone. Since, I am going to be late. I just had it printed, so that I can read it while I’m on my way to work. Still, I am not successful.

Day two, I am still searching. Alas! I found one that is easy to understand and applied. I was so happy. I reaped the fruit of my labor yet my prepaid load suffered. Lol! But it’s okay. While I’m at work during my not so busy time because it’s already wee hours of the morning. I am surfing the net. Hehe. I was able to visit all the websites I desired and most especially my blog .By the way I haven't tried yet if I can make a post. Anyway, what made me so happy was it’s free. The only thing is, there are times that it’s so hard to connect just like yesterday.