17 October, 2009

Thank You So Much

Thursday was very toxic and exhausting day for me. I should be happy because it's pay day yet I encountered a problem. I am in a panic mode and ready to faint. My mind was not clear to visualize what really happened. Hmmm, I got a short term memory loss and this happened to everyone who is panicking. Goodness! I don't want to pay almost $200. I can't think of the best solution. I just have to be honest that there's something wrong going on. Anyway, sooner or later they'll going to find out so it's best to tell it at that moment. I am just glad that people around me was very understanding.

By the way I just want to say Thank You to all my fellow bloggers who commented on my post To Change or Not. Thank You So Much. It took time for me to respond on your comments. In the meantime I'll stick to my pink layout. hehe.