17 October, 2009

Team Building at the Beach

Team building in our hospital was held yesterday. It was for all departments yet none of us in the pharmacy attended. I was on 2pm-10pm shifts yesterday. I can still go because it started around 6 pm but I don’t have any clothes meant for swimming. I forgot because my mind was preoccupied by something else. Everyone is asking me to follow after my duty and I just nod. lol! I really don’t want to go because I want to rest and sleep early.

The place they have chosen is really enticing just like Myrtle Beach Resort wherein the amenities are superb. Amenities there are really worth the price you’ve paid. Anyway, they have afforded the cost of our team building because resident doctors gave their share. Hehe. I just don’t know if all of them have attended the said team building. Choosing a place to celebrate such event is hard. There are details that need to be considered like amenities conditions, accommodation and most importantly the cost. The price has to be fitted with the company or individual’s budget.

Amenities as well as accommodation should always go with the price. Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach is popular among the choices of where the tourists stay. The view there is really captivating. You can get the relaxation that you aspire. We all know that a place near the ocean can calm our mind. A busy city life can’t give this to us. Okay, why don’t you the Resort in Myrtle Beach and know what I mean.