10 October, 2009

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Everyone

Can you already feel the spirit of Christmas? Hmmm.. .I feels it a bit. Like this morning I heard a Christmas song playing on the A.M radio. Talking about Christmas, we can’t erase the fact that it’s also a time for gift giving. By this time I should have started saving for that most awaited time. I already have in mind the kind of gift that I’ll give for myself and my loved ones. I’m a tightwad so definitely my gifts are not that expensive. Lol! But there’s a saying it’s the thought that counts right?hehe.

Allow me here to daydream on the things I fancy yet it’s prevented by my budget. Forgive me that this is more of a material stuff but don’t worry I’m not that materialistic to the highest level. First on the list is a Mac Book Pro for me and my boyfriend. The boyfriend needs laptop so that he can still play dota and MU at the comfort of their home. Hehe. As for me, I would like to have a laptop so that my blogging hours are not limited. Addict eh? By the way I’m just using the desktop here in computer shop. I am aware how expensive it is and will take time for me to save money for that. But guess what I have a found a Mac Book Pro where you can bid for the price you wants. Second is digital SLR. I love taking pictures, capturing every happy moments of my life with my loved ones. I know most people love to have a camera. I’m one of them. Third is an Apple iPod for my youngest brother. He loves music. His 4 month old mp4 has broken down. I want to give him new if my budget is sufficient. It will be my birthday gift to him as well Christmas gift. Hehe. There’s an option to get these three. It is by bidding at BidHere.com .

How does it work?

BidHere is a revolutionary penny auction concept. The basic idea is to offer brand new products at very attractive prices.

The auction works as follows:
1) All Products are brand new and auctions start at $0.00
2) User creates an account
3) Buy bids for $0.60 (US) each
4) Each bid increases the price by $0.02 at a time
5) Place bid and wait for timer to reach 00:00:00
6) Each auction has a countdown timer between 15 seconds and 3 minutes
7) When the timer reaches zero, the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product
8) If another user counterbids, the countdown timer will restart.



chubskulit said...

Kaso wala p-a akong pang shopping hehehhe.. Kumusta na Abs?

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nurseabie said...

@ chubskulit, hehe. Oo nga ate. Mag bid na lang tayo. Ok lang naman ako. Eto payatot na.hehe. Stress sa work. Musta ka po?Family mo? Buti okay naman ang mga taga bicol.

Duni said...

I'm not yet in the Christmas mood. It's way to fast for me!
I hope you get all the gifts that you wish for :)

Gift Ideas said...

While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!