02 October, 2009

Blogging Experience

I have been blogging for almost a year now. I discovered blogging while I am taking a rest after 4 years of studying at the college of nursing. lol! I immediately took the board exam and look for work that is not related with my course because I don’t have yet a license. Subsequent to passing the board I took the two important training which is Basic Life Support and IV Therapy. After that I submitted my resume to the nearest hospital in our area but I got no call from them. I did not follow up my application with them. Anyway, that’s the time I decided to take a break and help in my boyfriend computer shop business. Though, I’m still expecting a call from any of them.

Whilst, I am with the boyfriend business, I am always full of activity online doing a never ending research about anything. Most research project is from the customers. If I am not doing any research project for them, my time is preoccupied by using social networking sites such as friendster. There are times that I am busy digging for information that could help me personally and my profession. I have enjoyed surfing the net, for me being online means discovering some worthwhile stuff like blogging wherein you get to express yourself without the need for anyone to be there with you physically to tackle whatever thing under the sun. Also you get to know more amazing person online and after sometime you’ll see them personally.

If you started blogging without the knowledge of your friends more often than not no one will read your posts and it means no precious comments are left. Worry not! It’s because after sometime it will change especially if you submit your blog to free web directory. This really happens to almost all newbie bloggers. Web directory is a tool that can help blogs and bloggers to gain more audience that will eventually become loyal readers and will turn out to be a trusted friend. Blogging can bring out the best in us and it can enhance our communication skills through writing. Sure, I have been in the blogosphere for almost a year yet I still receive few visitors a day. Probably because I have not been actively submitting my blog to famous web directory such as yahoo directory and DMOZ. Now that I know the importance of web directory, I will do my very best to submit my site The Sweet Life. I will make sure that it is listed on the right category. You to can do the same if you want more exposure.