19 October, 2009

Pain in the Pocket

I really felt bad knowing that some people who have been hospitalized can’t pay all their bills. Sometimes they are to be blame because they know that admission in the private hospitals is really costly but still insisted to be admitted there. So in the end they are left with debt. Personal items are left at the hospital as collateral. Some who can’t pay blame the hospital for being so costly. This happened in the hospital where I worked. Three of them don’t have enough budgets and have asked for assistance.

Financial assistance from PCSO or DSWD is not enough. Large percentage of their bills still has to come from their own pocket. If only I can do something to help them. It’s really heart breaking. Anyway, I’ve been thinking to gamble at online casino gambling . I want to share my winnings to them. Though I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to casino yet online casino gambling has guide for a newbie like me. I’ll not worry because I know they’ll teach me good strategies to win. They are one of the trusted gambling sites since they have been in the business for about 9 years already. I’m really hoping to bring home hefty cash.lol!



joy said...

it is sad to be sick and have no money for treatment. i know a lot of people even if they don't have the money still go to private hospitals because they are given the treatment they need, unlike in the government hospital they will not pay any attention to you unless you are dying.