02 October, 2009

Let's Play AION

I have always like playing games online especially during the time that I don’t have yet my Nintendo DS lite. I always look for beautiful pc games online. Playing is fun. Games are another stress reliever. It helps kills time when you are waiting for something like a late comer friend.hehe. Anyway, I am always here in computer shop and surrounded by information on the latest game craze. The essence of running a computer shop business is being updated with the latest games especially online. Honestly, I don’t have enough knowledge on the how of the games mostly played in our shop but the boyfriend does. He is in charged of knowing that sort of information.hehe.

Review http://www.aionalliance.com/

Nonetheless, I am going to introduce to our customer the newest online game which is Aion. I’m sure they will take pleasure in playing it. It offers a lot of exciting stuff. You can customize your character to whatever looks you want. Aion classes is also available to get the most information we need.

By the way joining is not hard because they have set up a starting guide. They also have an aion forum where you get to chat with fellow players. You can find there the help that you need with regard to the game. By the way I will sign up to experience this newest craze. I know online games such as Aion can help our critical thinking ability.




Anonymous said...

There's at least one all Filipino guild in the Nezekan server of Aion; Republika is the name.

Pie said...

Hi Abie! You're my pick for October and your badge will be featured on my sidebar for a month. Enjoy your link. :)

Adrian said...

I love this game and have my own blog following my gameplay at Ashlique's Aion Adventure

Do you think AionAlliance needs a good Aion Guild Emblem Tutorial?